Ozzy Osbourne – Crown Prince of Darkness [DVD]


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AudioInglés (Stereo), Sin calificar (DTS ES 6.1)
Duración1 hora y 10 minutos
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While Ozzy Osbourne has always been one of the High Priests of Heavy Metal Music, it has only been the recent chain of events that has finally allowed him to lay claim to the Papacy. With some 35 years in the business and a string of controversies under his belt, ranging from the oral decapitation of small animals to bladder relief on one of the USA’s most sacred monuments, Ozzy has truly encapsulated the rock n’roll lifestyle. On this film we go behind the scenes and discover what it is that has driven this Brummie dropout to become Lord Of The Manor, King Of The Heap and The Crown Prince Of Darkness.

– The complete and unauthorised biography of Ozzy Osbourne
– Contains over 40 minutes of exclusive interviews.
– Previously unseen film footage
– New revelations on Ozzy from those ‘in the know’.

Dokumentation; Interviews; Fotogalerie; Discography;

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